Bringing to you automatic sports cars from the 80s

Because automatic cars are not something new…


Believe it or not but if you think that automatic cars are something from the twenty first century then you might be wrong. If you are born in the late 1990’s then you might believe the myth but those proud owners of the automatic sports cars in the 80s and the 90s won’t get fooled. Yes! Automatic sports cars and their existence can be dated back to the 80s and if you have been one unlucky person to not get hands on to a classic sports car then it’s never too late!


If you are willing to drive an automatic classic sports car then the Classic Automatic Sports Car Club is the club to be a part of. The club has been operating in the UK for quite some time and has ample of automatic sports cars in its range. Forget the gear and the clutch and just accelerate your wheels smoothly with ease and grace. And what better it can be when you get hands on an automatic sports car and that too a classic one.


The club for all ages


Whether you are 20 or 50, the classic automatic sports car club is suitable for you irrespective of your age. We believe that digits don’t matter when it comes to driving and if you are passionate then you are never too old. So, whether you are a young chap willing to drive classic cars or a young hearted person in your 50s, we have got things which you might have missed to get hands on during your teenage!


Club features at a glance



Great platform to rent out your car

If you own a classic car and especially a classic automatic sports car then there can be none other place as reliable and good at our club to rent it out. Other members would love to experience and drive your car while they offer theirs to you!


Reliable and secure

Our membership process involves taking each and every individual’s identity before offering membership to them. This means that your car is completely secure and covered as you rent it out to other member’s in the club.

Range of automatic classic sports cars

Our range of automatic sports cars is what makes us stand apart from other club in the region. We have always been appreciated for the well maintained range of cars.

Membership open to all ages

Our club membership is not restricted to any age groups. We are open to all who own a valid driving license and are passionate about classic cars.



So, what are we waiting for?


Get in touch with us today to get access to automatic classic sports cars from the 80s and the 90s. All you got to do is to join the club by option one of the several membership packages which we offer and you are all set and ready to go on your exciting drive with the machine of your choice.


Read what some of our satisfied clients have said about their membership with our club!

I never knew that we had automatic cars in the 80s. I was amazed when I came across the fact and the club. I’m now excited as I’m taking a car on drive next week.
Michael E. Nelson


Great club for automatic classic cars. Their range is vast and the members are very friendly and helpful. I got some car maintenance tips too from them for my car. My membership has proven to be quite rewarding!
Jack J. Jackson