Bringing to you automatic sports cars from the 80s

Driving Experience Days

A driving experience offers you an opportunity that your regular car at home cannot offer you on the roads you use every day; a chance to test yourself as a speed junkie behind the wheels of a audi. Several companies now offer driving experience services where you get to try out different vehicles for a specified amount of money. The amount you pay dictates the distance you can drive the car for.

When you go on a driving experience you can be certain that you will be spoilt for choice. There are one-seaters, rally cars, trucks, mercedes, tanks and so much more to choose from. With instructors to help you execute those bends, curves and twists as perfectly as possible, you will find yourself addicted to driving experience days.

Making It Count

You can use a driving experience in several innovative ways. First, a driving experience day can be a source of much needed entertainment in your life. After a hard week at work, you can use this as a way to unwind. You can also use a driving experience as a gift. Gift experiences are the in-thing these days and your loved one will no doubt love to get behind the wheel of a classic car just so they can show off to their friends on social media later.

Driving experiences can also help you live your rally dreams. Most people love rallies and wish they could go against other drivers on a race track, but the opportunity just never seems to be on hand. The driving experience makes this possible.

Getting the Driving Experience

So you want to try out the driving experience but have no idea where to begin? Do not worry because there are lots of companies online that can get you on board quickly. All you have to do is search for a credible one, pay the fee for what you would like to try out and arrive for the experience. It is that simple. You can also take advantage of special offers and discount opportunities when available.


Read what some of our satisfied clients have said about their membership with our club!

I never knew that we had automatic cars in the 80s. I was amazed when I came across the fact and the club. I’m now excited as I’m taking a car on drive next week.
Michael E. Nelson


Great club for automatic classic cars. Their range is vast and the members are very friendly and helpful. I got some car maintenance tips too from them for my car. My membership has proven to be quite rewarding!
Jack J. Jackson